Established in 1985, Ozakteks has been carrying out its knitted fabric production over 30 years. The first starting point of the company was its small 100m²-office in Osmanbey while now its knifing operations take place in Gunesli area within the head office premises over 5.500 m² area and dyeing, printing & finishing operations take place in recently established Corlu factory which has 20.000 m² area.

Being one of the leader fabric manufacturers in the region, Ozakteks produces wide range of standard and fancy knitted fabrics as plain dyed or printed. From the classic to the modern, our products are produced by highest technology, Ozakteks sells them within the local market and exports to many countries mainly Italy, Denmark, Lithuania, Israel, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Persia, Russia and Belarus.

Ozakteks carries out its dyeing, printing and finishing facilities in Corlu Velimese region factory in 20.000 m² closed area and 10.000 m² open field.

By means of newly established factory equipped and latest technology, Ozakteks Textile Ltd. Sti. can produce every knitting and weaving fabrics as flat painted and pattern printed.

Overall capacity of the factory is 45.000 kg/day.

Ozakteks Textile

R&D Studies

Chasing up closely all national and international trends and new technologies and with the help of its R&D studies, Ozakteks follows its path without sacrificing of its principles.

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• Saudi Arabia • Persia • Russia and Belarus •
• Italy • Denmark • Lithuania • Israel • Greece •
  • Saudi Arabia

  • Persia

  • Russia

  • Belarus

  • Italy

  • Denmark

  • Israel

  • Greece

  • United Kingdom


Ozakteks is the leader in knitted fabric production over 30 years…